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Allergy Shot Patients

News Date  December 14, 2020



Allergy shot patients are temporarily being advised to park in a “reserved” parking space in front of the building & to remain in their vehicle for 30 minutes after their injection. It is expected that the patient REMAIN ON THE PREMISES for the duration of their wait time. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted.

This is, strictly, for the safety of the patient! 


It should also be known; this situation is temporary and only being utilized to continue to offer allergy injections as a service during the COVID-19 health crisis. Once the office can safely resume full capacity, patients will again be expected to wait their 30 minutes in our waiting room.


If this policy cannot be adhered to, your provider will be made aware, and allergy injections will no longer be able to be administered by our staff.


Thank you for you continued to cooperation in this matter.

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