Client's Bill of Rights and Responsibility
As an Allergy and Asthma Diagnostic Office client you have the right to:
  1. Be given information about your rights and responsibilities for receiving professional services.
  2. Be given a timely response from the business office regarding your account.
  3. Be given appropriate and professional services without discrimination against your race, religion, creed, color, sex, national origin, sexual preference, handicap or age.
  4. Be given information related to all charges for services rendered.
  5. Be treated with courtesy and respect by all personnel that provide health care in this office.
  6. Be free from physical and mental abuse or neglect while receiving services in this office.
  7. Be given proper identification of everyone who provides services to you in this office.
  8. Be given the necessary information to enable you to give informed consent for your treatment prior to the start of the treatment.
  9. Be given complete and current information concerning your diagnosis, treatment, alternatives, risks and prognosis.
  10. A care plan that will be developed to meet your allergy health care needs.
  11. Be provided with patient education related to your care plan.
  12. Be given data privacy and reasonable confidentiality of all records and communication about your medical care.
  13. Review your medical record at your request.
  14. Be given information regarding the transfer or termination of services provided to you by this office.
  15. Have your compliments, concerns and complaints addressed. Sharing your concerns and complaints will not compromise your access to care, treatment and services.
  16. Refuse treatment within the confines of the law.
  17. Be given information concerning the consequences of refusing treatment.

As a client of the Allergy and Asthma Diagnostic Office, you have the responsibility to:
  1. Give accurate and complete health information concerning your past illnesses, hospitalizations, medication allergies, and other pertinent information.
  2. Adhere to your developed/updated health care plan. If you are unable/unwilling to follow the plan of care, you are responsible for telling your care provider. Your care provider will explain the medical consequences of not following the recommended treatment. You are responsible for the outcomes of not following your plan of care.
  3. Be on time for your appointment.
  4. Request further information concerning anything you do not understand.
  5. Give information regarding concerns/problems you have with services rendered or staff.
  6. Make full payment for services rendered or provide the necessary insurance information that will satisfy a payment source. You are responsible for meeting your financial obligation to the facility.
  7. Act in manner that is respectful of other patients, staff and office property. Threatening, rude or loud behavior will not be tolerated.
  8. Follow the rules and regulations of the office.