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28 years. That’s how long Dr. Schaeffer has dedicated her time, expertise, and many talents to our practice and for that, we’re so grateful. Now, it’s time for the next chapter. Please join us in wishing Dr. Schaeffer all the best as she officially enters retirement this July. 

She will, of course, be missed and while she certainly cannot be replaced, we're lucky enough to have some truly wonderful staff who are up to the challenge of filling her shoes. Our three stellar nurse practitioners (plus a friendly new face we will be welcoming in August!) will work together with Dr. Sotomayor to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. As always, our #1 priority is our patients. While we may be saying goodbye to one of our talented and beloved doctors, our quality care remains. 

So, to Dr. Schaeffer: We wish you a long and happy retirement. 

And to our patients: We remain as committed as ever to providing you the quality care you deserve. 

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